Hello, 2012!

I kissed 2011 goodbye with a grateful heart. It taught me a lot about courage, acceptance and trust. 2011 allowed me to welcome love again in my life. Now, as I begin with this new page of the book of my life, I cannot help but get giddy over what I'll write on each chapter. 

Let me begin with this note:

Dear 2012, 

Hello! I have a strong feeling that we'll make good experiences together. I am sure we'll welcome love, joy and adventure in greater portions. We'll meet new people, explore new places, overcome greater challenges, fulfill bigger dreams, and grow leaps higher. Let's make sure we'll fill each day with much laughter and fun! Help me become more of who I really am. :)

In case, life can be a little rough, please help me tough. Let me seek support from trusted and loving people. And when this people turn to be a little out of weather too, may I learn how to be patient and forgiving too. Guess, that's just how life is lived, right?

This year, let's take each other's hands and make it happen! I am just so excited! :)




Anonymous said...

Make things happen in 2012. :)

2011 was great! 2012 will be awesome-r :D

Miss you Atty Faith! See you soon.

jishinka said...

Miss you too! Hope to see you soon! :)

Coe Tolosa said...

2-0-1-2! It's great new year for us! ^_^ Things will happen for you, I just know it! I'm excited for our future conversations! <3 <3 <3