first fourth

It feels like my creativity to write is running on a dry spell.

It was only this morning that I checked my blog once again and noticed that I have not been writing anything for almost three months now. Yes, there were a lot that happened for the past weeks that I have failed to journal them. I guess, the lack of time to reflect also brought the seeming drought of colorful words on this blank screen.

In a quick rundown, I have took on new challenges, surrendered to life's surprises, fallen in love, stayed in love, learned to embrace and accept human frailties, finally let go and clinched to move forward.The first quarter of this year is filled with fun and adventure.

Now, after the dust have settled and the tides have calmed, I can see a clearer horizon. My vision is crystal and more pinpoint...and I am ready to create new things ahead of me. :)

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