yet another paranormal experience

I had yet another paranormal experience last night. For quite a while now, I have been paranormal-free until this happened. 

I was sleeping on the couch in my friend, Angel’s (not her really name), living room which was against a wall with a large window. The property beside it was owned by a relative but was an empty space, more like a huge cemented parking lot. I cannot sleep but I thought it was because of the coffee we had after dinner. I was tossing back and forth until I had my back was against the wall. I started feeling that there was a man in white standing outside of the house, by the window. For a while, I ignored it, thinking perhaps it was my imagination working to entertain my very awake and bored self. Nevertheless, I felt that the seeming presence behind me was growing its intensity. Surely, it was making itself felt and noticed. His presence was still, but very commanding. I felt that he was just standing still but his eyes were scanning the whole living room as if diligently and carefully searching for something—or yet someone. However, no matter how pervasive his presence was, I somehow felt he did not meant any harm. Still, I hid myself under the sheets as if it can protect me. Then thoughts started to freely pour in my mind. He revealed himself as a man—a father, looking for his daughter. At this, I immediately interrupted the gush of thoughts and emotions. I learned from a priest-mentor that sensitive people should not communicate with spirits but in times of intense sensitivity, pray and call unto Jesus. I prayed but I still woke up Cris (not her real name), my partner and sister of my Angel, who was sleeping beside me. She too has paranormal sensitivity. By just looking at me, she knew something was wrong. She instantly pulled me up and warned me not to tell her anything. She said we’ll talk about it in the morning as we walk up to the second floor of the house. We decided to sleep beside her nieces, Angel’s daughters.  

I was filled with fear. Something of an oddly different kind. I asked myself why in the world I would encounter something like this. I was checking my internal condition as I repeatedly say formula prayers beneath my breath. I asked Jesus to stand in the gap between me and the spirit—whatever it was. I prayed that if in any case he was a disturbed soul of a departed may God’s peace be with him. Finally, I fell into sleep. 

In the morning, Angel asked us why we transferred from the couch to the room. With goose bumps, I told her what happened the previous night. She had her conclusions of who the man could be and why he was there. Apparently, he must be a deceased member of his husband’s family coming with a very urgent purpose. 

I was a bit relieved telling her the story but at the same time, freaked out of how the message can turn out to be. But at the end of it all, I knew that this experience was greatly used by God to awaken my seemingly sleeping faith. The fear was so overwhelming that I knew only God’s love can conquer and no matter how bleak the possibilities of that encounter may be, hope abounded that it can allow reconciliation, faith and love to settle in her husband’s family. I was also reminded of God’s omnipotence—that it is him alone that has the power over all forces. 

This noon, I decided to hear mass and offer it to the soul of that deceased person. I also prayed for those whom he left here on earth. Whether he was really coming back for whatever purpose, I felt that offering prayers for the eternal repose of his soul will surely help. I know God is in control and there is nothing to fear. 

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