MIlky and Sunny: Breakfast Lovin'!

Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. More than the health benefits I get out of it and the comfort of the morning sun while eating, it's the food choice that I love the most. From tinapa to bacon to stacks of pancakes and corned beef, name it! I definitely love 'em. In fact, my obsession for breakfast made me want to have an all-day breakfast resto, which unfortunately to date is still at bay. 

In the mean time, I content myself in hopping from one breakfast resto to the other. I love the old Heaven and Eggs and Flapjacks. Of course, let us not forget the breakfast buffet in hotels. :) Yuumm!

Last month, I was able to visit a soooper interesting restaurant called Milky and Sunny. It prides itself as serving comfort food with a whole lot of lovin'. I have heard about it previously but I can't remember why I was not able to swing by and try it out. So, when my friend Mia and I (joined by Denise) had a day out, we decided to treat ourselves a brekky-dinner and give Milky and Sunny our verdict. Being breakfast food lovers, this resto must be ready. Here are some of the pieces of evidence: 

Upon entering the resto, this very bright wall will great you.
A super pretty blue, glass chandlier hangs right atop it.

This is the dining area.
The Space: Milky and Sunny is situated in Kapitolyo, Pasig. It's relatively small but the place was very cozy. Perfect for friends who want to eat breakfast (any time of the day) and enjoy the luxury of the home-y feeling where you can have long conversations. AND who said that blue is not a good color for a restaurant? Milky and Sunny was able to put white and aqua blue perfectly well. :)

MINE! A staple favorite: Pancakes with Peanut Butter.
2-piece pancakes for Php 100.00 plus Php 
If not for the mess in preparing pancakes in the morning (and the extra pounds it can give you), I would probably have them everyday! :) Spread some peanut butter, you'll love it. 

Big Plate. Php 250
Consist of  corned beef, scrambled eggs, spam, hashbrown and a bagel.
Bacon was ordered as extra. 
For a big tummy, you can opt for a Big plate. This consists of 3 choices from bacon, hotdog, sausage, spam, corned beef, turkey hotdog and ham + a choice from garlic rice, plain rice, bagel, toast, waffle or pancake + egg, either sunny side-up or scrambled. 

I did not order this, but I tell you it is super sulit! :)

French Toast with Bacon on the side (but placed on top, courtesy of Mia)
A French Toast fan, Mia had her share of the loot with it drizzled with hot chocolate syrup and caramel. An order of crispy bacon on the side will surely top it up! 

Omelette with green bell peppers
Breakfast is not breakfast without eggs on the table and an omelette is a perfect picture of it. Healthy, creamy and just perfect!

Milky and Sunny also offers Rice and Egg Meals (the famous FIlipino "SiLogs"), Pasta and Salads. They also serve cereals for Php 90 for a huge bowl and to make it unlimited, just double the price. 

We enjoyed our food quest in Milky and Sunny and we will surely come back! Unfortunately, as of press time, they do not deliver yet. 

Rating: 9
Price: 9

Photo grabbed from their site. 
Milky and Sunny
No. 9, East Capitol Drive, Brgy. Kapitolyo, Pasig City
Open from 7am-10pm
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Follow them on Twitter: @milkynsunny

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