Birthday Project: 30 at 30. Thirty trees for thirty years.

Lately, we have been experiencing Mother Earth behaving like a bipolar or better yet having her seemingly "menopause' episodes, swinging for sunny to rainy then scorchingly hot the next minute. Sadly this is an effect of global warming. 

Next month, I will be celebrating a milestone birthday. I will be turning three-oh! :) A beginning of a new decade. A beginning of new adventures. I felt that instead of throwing a party or going on a trip, it is best to give back to Mother Earth so she can have few more additional decades to live. 

In cooperation with Haribon Foundation (in support of its Road to 2020 Project), I created the project which I call:  

Thirty trees for thirty years

My goal is to have at least 30 seedlings planted, that is one seedling (to grow) for each year I am here on Earth. But I do not wish to stop there.  

Of course, this is not my lonesome project. 

I wish to do this project with YOU, my friends and family. Instead of giving me gifts, I encourage you to "Adopt a Seedling" by donating Php 200 (Of course, you can donate more, if you wish. Your Php 200 will be equivalent to 2 seedlings and 3 years maintenance for it to grow). These seedlinga will be planted in different forests outside Metro Manila.  It gets more fun since we can come together and have a tree planting trip and actually plant them ourselves. 

As of the moment, Haribon and I have yet to finalized the details of where we can have them planted. I will certainly update my blog and my Facebook timeline for more details. 

I am just supeeeeer excited to turn 30 and celebrate it with Mother Earth and YOU. :) 

For more inquiries, feel free to visit Haribon Foundation's site:, leave a message below or email me at 

Here are a few trivia that you can read on taken from Haribon's site:

Save our Forests!

  • Human activities that use fossil-based fuels like coal, oil and natural gas emit carbon dioxide (CO2) into the atmosphere. The release of CO2 warms the atmosphere. 
  • Our average annual household CO@ emission as we use electrical household appliances is 0.93 tons. At lease 4 native tree soecies offset this carbon emission.
  • A private vehicle emits on the average 2.4 kg of CO2 per liter of fuel used. 15 native trees will offset an annual emission.
  • CO2 is sequestered and the impacts of climate change are abated by planting trees


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