Skinfatuated ™ with VMV

Like a teener who blushes every time her crush's name is mentioned, I flush when I talk about VMV.  I giggle and I just talk non-stop about it. (My friends can attest to that.) No, VMV is not a pseudonym, it is a brand of skin care products.

I met VMV Hypoallergenics through a small blue box in Christmas of 2009. My best friend gave me an Id Buff-buff Clarifying soap to help erase my bacne (back acne). It worked, but I was nonchalant about it, because I wasn't very conscious about skin care then. 

Fast forward to January of 2011. While preparing for the 2010 Bar Examinations, I was plagued with acne due to stress. I never had as many breakouts my entire life and it sadly did not go away until VMV came to the rescue, just like a knight in shining armor. From then, our love affair blossomed that I want to spend the rest of my life with VMV. 

See the difference? 

I am so proud to say that VMV Hypoallergenics is a Filipino-made. Vermen Verallo-Rowell, a Filipino dermatologist, is the genius behind these amazing products. According to an article, Getting to know: VMV Hypoallergenics written by Kira Mae Ramirez,  Dr. Verallo-Rowell encountered patients suffering from contact acne and contact allergies and was left with no options on what to prescribe as medications. She did her own research and came up with the first ever VMV product – the Retinoic Acid-Cindamycin Toner. As they say, the rest is history. To date, they have developed a wide range of lines from skin lightening to baby care to make up. They also have a new line which cares for patients with rosecea. 

VMV promotes this month as Psoriasis Awareness month which I am particularly interested because of my dad's condition. I am raring to get him their psoriasis personal care package with consists of Essence Clark Wash Hair + Body “Big Softie” Shampoo, Know-It-Oil and Armada Post Procedure Barrier Cream 50+. 

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Here now is a personal review based on my experience with some VMV products:

  • Essence Skin Saving Superwash Hair + Body Milk Shampoo used together with Essence Skin Saving Condition leaves my hair very soft and fine--more angel-like. I used to suffer from flaky dandruff (the one which sticks on your scalp), but after three days of using this tandem, I noticed that the flakes are gone and there's no more itching. Downside: If I do not dry my hair, it a little wavy (which I guess is my natural hair texture).
  • Although I have combination skin, I started my CTM (Cleanse-Tone-Moisturize) regimen with their  Spring Fresh Bundle for Oily skin because that time, my acne had to dry up faster. When I finished one set and my face cleared up, I started using the Hydra Balance for Combination Skin. Immediately, I notice how supple my skin felt and zits clear out faster. The cleanser is sting free. It did not give me a tightening feeling when skin dries. Although if you've been using a foamy-soapy type of wash before, you won't get that with this one. Instead, it's creamy, though it cleanse just the same. The toner works perfectly well in making sure that the color of my face is even. It also serves as an extra opportunity to remove dirt or oil blocking the pores. The moisturizer is awemose! It does not leave my skin sticky or heavy, unlike the other moisturizers I have tried before. It feels as if it hydrates my skin and does not clog the pores.
  • Armada Face Cover 30 is not at all sticky when you perspire. A joy for using sunblock. Downside: Costly. 
  • Spraying Illuminants + Axillight: Treatment Antiperspirant helped me with my perennial problem about dark underarms. After two weeks of using this product, I have seen a great improvement of my skin's hyper pigmentation. Moreso, it keeps me dry the WHOLE day. Now, I alternate it with Essence Skin Saving Antiperspirant which can also be used for the feet. :)
  • I use Id Sweat Acne and Overall Anti-bacterial Monolaurin Gel as antibacterial gel for my face and other parts of the body. If used on the face, it gives a matte effect. 
  • Id Buff-buff Apricot + Clarifying Soap may feel coarse but intends to do otherwise to your skin. Id Buff-buff was the catalyst to my conversion as it helped dry up my bacne faster. I was told though, it cannot be used for the face. After several days of use, it may cause the skin to itch a bit only because the acne dries up. 
  • Essence Skin-Saving Clear + Natural Soap cleans the skin well but keeps it soft and smooth. A little caution though, it melts faster compared to other commercial soaps. I suggest that you cut it in smaller  chunks (in my case, I cut it into four to prevent it from softening, thus, maximize use.)
  • I got a free Sheer Lip Tint and I use it as a primer for whatever color of lipstick I want to wear. No more chappy lips for me even sans the lipgloss. :)
My own VMV stash :)

VMV products are oftentimes mistaken as organic. They are NOT! Instead, they are hypoallergenic, thus it was made sure that each was made with a combination of ingredients with the least number of allergens. As of the moment, there are 76 known allergens in the whole world and some VMV products are free of all 76! Now, tell me, who will not fall in love it this?

Thank you so much VMV! I ♥ you!

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jimayda banaag said...

I started using the illuminants+axillight and skin saving for 3 weeks now. and I promise, expensive but worth it!!! it's really a big help, especially for someone like me, who have hyperhidrosis. skin saving also can be use on your palms and feet. it really makes it dry all day long. on my 23 years or living, I suffer, as in really suffer on my wet palms and underarm. and thanks God I finally got a very helpful products now. my underarms are whiter now, even dark spots were lighten.. very superb products!!! for the first 7 weeks, you cant use the axillight everyday, it have instructions like, for the first 2 weeks, you can use it twice a week. you'll be able to use it everyday on the 8th week. so you have to use skin-saving for some days that you can't use the axillight. hope this helps. :)

jishinka said...

Thanks for sharing that jimayda! :) Isn't it just lovely! :) i can't imagine life now without VMV! :)

What other products have you tried?