a bit grown

If I have learned to love, don't ask why. I too do not understand. My mind is weary of figuring things out. And I have succumbed to let it rest. Whether this is right or am committing a mistake, I do not care. What matters is am at peace with myself. I have known. I am glad I've known. I'm still fierce. Not so afraid anymore.

Loving as I have finally grasped is not about who and why, or how.

Or maybe it is still a choice. I chose to accept that I felt.

I am happy. I felt I've grown. I think, I have.

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Trixie said...

bakit wala ka dito nung thursday????? sabi mo pupunta ka? sumama ka ba kay trillanes? sa susunod na pupunta ka, dapat may pasalubong na ko! demanding ako! wehehehe