Sembreak is ticking out. Soon, I will be romancing with law books all over again. My four-week break (I didn't realize it was that long) was sooo good. I was able get lots of sleep and good food (oh, i did earned some pounds, hay) . I met up with old friends. I was able to finish Grey's Anatomy Season 3 (I love Preston Burke and I see myself in Cristina Yang.) I also started with House (that is, literally started: Episode 1.) I've read a lot of non-law books. And I also went to... BICOL.

Mayon Volcano at 10am on our way to Tabaco, Albay.
The view was better at 6 am, no clouds then.
But the view from the hotel isn't very good for photo taking.

This Bicol trip is supposed to be a business trip but at the same time I took the opportunity to commune with nature. The trip was tiringly long. Ten hours by land. I've slept all that I can sleep. I even tried reading on a moving vehicle (which I know isn't right or I'll continue ruining my eyes.) But I loved the stillness of the greens we are passing by on the road. Nothing like the city that I have grown accustomed with. I needed a breather and thank God I had it.

I've been to several places in the Bicolandia--Daet (in Camarines Norte) , Naga and Pili (in Camarines Sur), Legaspi, Daraga and Tabako (in Albay). For the first time, I have seen the magnificent Mayon Volcano. As the locals would say, if you have seen it's glory without any clouds covering it at least at the moment you came, the volcano is welcoming you to the place. I am welcomed.ü The food was excellent! We had our servings of Lato (seaweeds), Bicol Express, and Pangat (Laing).

Stress, I have learned is a word that is originally used in engineering. It pertains to the maximum weight that a steel can take. And now we use that to describe the pressures of human beings. I have realized that city life stressed me much and good thing my Bicol experience softened me a bit. This sembreak de-stressed me. And it is good. Very good. I had my good friends with me in the Bicol trip too, which spiced the whole thing. Plus the extra money on our pockets.ü

Juris, Faith and Dee as we arrived in Naga City.

Am ready for another sem closer to the bar.


berna said...

dear, ang tagal kong di nakapagbasa ng blog mo.. ang dami ko ng namiss na entries! shempre binalikan ko lahat ngayon. =)

i so envy ur bicol trip! grabe.. just reading ur entry made me relaxed already.. haha!

your shot of mayon looked like a painting to me. nashock ako nung sinabi mong kuha mo un! ganda ng effect =)

jishinka said...


Medyo matagal din ako di nakasulat. Ewan ko ba. Hehe. Yeah, the Mayon was very beautiful. Mejo di na nga lang perfect ung cone pero ganda pa din. Buti talaga pinatigil ko ung driver dun sa highway para kumuha ng picture, kundi...wala na. Hehe!