season three

Finally, I have finished Grey's Anatomy Season 3. I wasn't a series freak, nor was I very interested in this series even if my friends have gone gaga over it when it started. But for some reason, I got hooked to it. At the start it was only because of the dialogues. I liked the insights of the scriptwriter. Eventually, as I get to know the characters bit by bit, I get more interested to know them and associate my self to their experiences.

I admired Preston Burke's mystery from the very start. He was a very good cardio-thoracic surgeon. Brilliant even. I also loved Cristina Yang, a surgical intern. Although at the start, I didn't like her rigidity and inhumane, voracious character. But I realized I loved her being ambitious and a go-getter. She knows what she wants and she knows how to get it. She works hard and she is focused. She isn't like any other woman who spends time day dreaming and whining. She doesn't even seem to have a sweet bone inside of her. But she later learned how to protect her man, when Burke needed keep a secret about his profession. That may be a down side, but later I realized I see much of myself in her. Yang knew how to compromise and sacrifice too.

Meredith and Derek's love story brought me to being nauseous. While Burke and Yang's interested me a lot. It is brutal. Harsh, even. No mush. But very intense. Sandra Oh, the Hollywood actress playing Yang's character, said in an interview in Oprah that Yang did love Burke so much. Sadly, it didn't ended like I wanted it to. O well... Too much for fairy tales. Grey's isn't a fairy tale after all.

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