The comment made by Teri Hatcher's character in Desperate Housewives about Filipino doctors stirred a thick volume of anger for most Filipinos. Some of my friends started blogging it the moment they heard it in the news, while some started strings of discussions in message boards. I too was irrated that time.

Here are the dialogues from the episode:

MD: Well, everything seems normal. But, you say you’ve been having irregular periods?
Susan: Yeah, you know, one month off, two months on. That happens, right?
MD: Have you ever experienced night sweats? …. (few other lines here)
MD: How about hot flashes?
Susan: OK, whoa. I’m gonna stop you right there. I’m way too young for that, please refer to your chart.
MD: Susan, I know for a lot of women the word menopause has negative connotations. They hear aging, brittle bones, loss of sexual desire…
Susan: Before you go any further, can I check those diplomas? I would just like to make sure that they’re not from some med school in the Philippines…

E t*nga pala siya e. Ilang taon na ba siya? Normal kaya ang mag-menopause sa babae! Desperada na nga! Tsk. tsk.

Sorry for the foul language. I don't normally allow such profanity in my blog but that woman is really getting into my nerves! (Ow, my reaction haven't changed the first time I saw the video till now.) Isn't the writer of that freaking show aware that we were taught by the Thomasites who apparently are Americans? And haven't they realized that if not because of our doctors (and nurses), they could have been dead by now or at least their population have trimmed to half? St*pid! Hmn...a Filipino character should then be placed in Grey's Anatomy from now on. Hahaha!

I like Teri Hatcher as I was growing up. I frequently watched her as Lois Lane in Lois and Clark. But I am now disgusted with her uncritical acting. Good thing I never became a fan of that desperate series. Buti nalang tlaga.

Good thing the ABC Network had already issued it's statement of apology: “The producers of Desperate Housewives and ABC Studios offer our sincere apologies for any offence caused [by the insulting remark] in the season premier. There was no intent to disparage the integrity of any aspect of the medical community in the Philippines.” However, the Malacanang is demanding that an episode would carry and apology or at least take back the slur. (Clap, clap, clap! Good job on that Sec. Bunye.)

Now, let me talk to my fellow Filipinos: I am happy that we are fighting back. At least, we are aware of our worth and dignity as a Nation. Let the blood of Lapu-lapu and Gabriela Silang run free. The foreign influence might have caused us to feel insecure of our brown skins, but remember that these Caucasians are not better off than us. Never was, is and will be. More than our bronze skin, we are made of good stuff, Pinoys! Believe that and show the world...and those desperate housewives! Remember also that it isn't all about image, if we think that we are good, let's be better and continue proving them wrong.

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