battles fought and won

People's Champ

Manny Pacquiao won the bout against Marco Antonio Barrera all over again!

After 12 complete rounds, Manny emerged as the winner by a unanimous decision. I am not a boxing fanatic, but it is always sends chill down my spine to hear the "Lupang Hinirang" being sung atop the international boxing ring and see the Philippine flag raised in a foreign land. It would always, always make me sob inside. Simply because of pride that I am a Filipino, and whatever my country's circumstances are, I am still proud to be one.

There was some dirty play from Barrera on the 11th round, but Manny was gentleman enough not to throw some dirty tactics as well. I liked what Chino Trinidad commented to that: "Di na lumaban si Manny. Pilipino eh." Whether it is mind conditioning or simply for posterity, I would like to believe Chino. Manny knew the world is watching and he acted accordingly. May that little act of propriety remind us that we represent a Nation. We do not want to be branded as crooks or second-class, don't we? (I'll write about what Teri Hatcher's character said in Desperate Housewives about Filipino doctors next time.) I also thought that maybe, Manny would have wanted to give Barrera a graceful exit, since this is his final bout. That as a boxer he knew that Barrera deserves some dignity especially now that this is his farewell fight, even if Manny could have knocked him out. My brothers refuse to believe me, though. Haha!

I salute Manny Pacquiao. He transforms whenever he gives out his jabs and uppercuts. He is simply following his "flow". I tip my hat for the passion he's shown-- that heart for his craft and the determination not only to prove himself but also to bring honor to the country. He knew his victory isn't only his, but for the whole Philippines. Thank you for making us proud again. Thank you for showing the world that Filipinos can do something. That we too, can win.

And...I am really happy you didn't make it in Congress. You're battleground is the ring, not the legislative halls.ü


Faith Battle

During the month of October, the Dominican Community in the Philippines, especially in Manila, celebrate the Feast of Our Lady of La Naval. (Next week the annual La Naval procession will be held around the Santo Domingo parish.) It commemorates the victory of the Filipino and Spanish soldiers in the Battle of Manila in the 1600's against the Dutch. It was believed that this victory is a miracle which happened through the aid of the intercession of Mary. The soldiers who were then praying the rosary promised to the Lady to walk barefoot from Cavite to the shrine of the Lady of the Holy Rosary in Manila. From then, this became a devotion which is now practiced for centuries.

This afternoon, I attended my Sunday Mass in UST Chapel. More than feeling that familiar home-y warmth, it also felt good to be in one of the places which actually shaped my faith. The Parish is celebrating its annual fiesta in celebration of the Feast of the Lady of the Holy Rosary. The re-appointed Rector of the University, Fr. Rolando Dela Rosa, O.P. is the main celebrant and homilist.

In his homily, Fr. Dela Rosa highlighted that battles are won not only because of one's ability, skill or intelligence to fight. It is more of the heart that drives one to conquer the obstacle set before him. It is also in recognizing that winning battles is about letting God create miracles from our limited creations. That realizing that we are "little gods"--potent and capable. It is after we have done the best that we can, that we allow His grace to meet us and bring us to heights we've never imagined.

A focused will, a fervent heart and faith in God

UAAP town is painted green.

The La Salle Green Archers are back with a vengeance.

After a year of suspension from playing basketball in the University Athletic Association of the Philippines, the Archers capped the 70th UAAP season by bagging the Championship title against the University of the East. La Salle ran away with a 73-64 score against UE. Via television coverage, I witnessed how the La Sallista's cheered and raved for their school players. The players must have known that the school is counting on them, and supporting them with all hearts too. I have always admired their school spirit. "Animo La Salle..." as I would always hear during basketball games in my college days. De La Salle university is back..

The University of the East is a tough team to beat. After earning a 14-0 score during the eliminations, these guys have what it takes to give a good fight too. However, the De La Salle basketball team wanted to win--and they did. They know what they want, they worked for it, and they got it. Purpose, resilience and character.

I am not a La Sallista. In fact, I have seen La Salle as a persistent rival since there was a time that UST and La Salle would always meet in basketball championship way back when I was still a UAAP Basketball fan. Funny is I didn't even applied in La Salle for college because of this lame reason. Hahaha! But that is all history.

It is just also interesting to note the teams coaches are brothers--Dindo and Franz Pumaren.ü

I have a battle to fight too... Finals na.ü


Trixie said...

hey faith! i was there at the araneta yesterday! syempre woohoo! sadly, nandun kami sa side ng ue, kasi wala ng seats when we get there. although, di pa naman kami sobrang napagitnaan ng mga taga ue. dun lang kami sa start ng up side so ok lang. pero ayun, pigil sa pag cheer lalo na nung start. baka mabato kami eh. hehehe. or worst, we might get clobbered! inggit nga ko dun sa mga nasa kabilang side! grabe, xmas colors to the highest level! green na green at red na red talaga!

haha! proud to be there! kasi nung bandang huli, we don't care na if we're on the other side. di na mapigilan ang excitement eh. hehe

Trixie said...


goodluck sa finals! konti na lang and you'll be free as a bird ulit, at least for 2 weeks!

Anonymous said...

la salle bulok

Anonymous said...

oh my.

hindi ko maalis comment ko sa la salle.

anyway, totoo naman.

jishinka said...

wow! good for you trix!ü
mukha ngang ang oo nga mukhang ngang merry christmas. Comment ko nga un sa kapatid ko. Kung di lang dark and light ang rule sa uniform ng basketball, edi masaya diba. hahaha! well, UAAP basketball is really the best.

salamat sa well wishes! I need that. Konti nlang... magiging abogada na ako. Hahaha!

see you soon!

jishinka said...

and to you anonymous...hmn? sino ka nman kaya? o well, bakit ayaw mo sa la salle. dati ayoko rin sa kanila pero eventually ok na rin. hehe!

pero rival ko pa rin sila sa college basketball. mwahahaha!