money and happiness

Money can buy happiness.

I have found a new site titled as above which is authored by Laura Rowley. (Kindly find link from the well-spring section). To which, I reminded me of the lessons I learned about money. And yes, I have to agree with her. Money may not be the most important thing in the world, but it definitely affects all other areas of life.

In my quater-life, I am now going through a lesson learning experiences about money and how it works. Yes, I am currently unemployed in my mid twenties and tell you, it doesn't feel good asking for allowance from my parents. I miss those days when I rake in my own money, spend it to the my heart's content and later earn some more. Although, I am not completely sad since I left the corporate world to pursue my law degree, which will be a different story altogether. I am now contemplating of finding means of earning.

Vending isn't very appealing. But maybe, I have to try it too. Atleast, learn the lesson of confidence about the dignity of it. I do have to learn the discipline of saving. I did saved some money before I left my previous job, but I still have to be tighter on myself, especially now. I do have the tendecy to splurge, especially when feel stressed.

I realized it all boilds down to what you have set aside and not what you actually earn.

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