the sweetness of final four

Fabulous Marketing Strat.

I've seen this first in Tidoy's Blog. Very Interesting. I wonder how they taste.

During my high school and college days, I am a fan of college basketball. I even watch games live in Araneta then. Whew! The intensity of the games and thrill of watching them play is sooo exhilirating. Vying for the Final Four is really a feat for the UAAP member-schools. And what sweetness it brings to take home the gold.

Although, the obsession has faded, these donuts have definitely caught my attention and is luring me to try them. Again, VERY EFFECTIVE MARKETING STRAT.

I'll get one soon.

And of course, I'd have the yellow.

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Trixie said...

ako kaya???? syempre green! animo la salle!!!