reflections of a bar ops volunteer

The Bar Examinations for 2007 started yesterday. This means that the schools and people supporting are up and about the Bar Operations.

I signed in as volunteer for the Bar Operations (Hotel Ops specifically) for the Arellano Barristers. But before my shift, I did my personal bar ops for my former classmates from UST. After my Civil Procedure class, Carlisle and I hitched a ride with Froi and off we went to Manila Hotel where they were housed.

Grabe! Maaaliw ka sa kanilang lahat. Iba-iba ang coping mechanisms ng mga tao para sa tensyon nila for the first day ng bar. Well, shempre first eve yun so nde pa din talaga nila alam ano ang ieexpect sa La Salle. Si Rem, wala... petiks na. Ready na ata e. Mindset lang din tlaga yan e. Si Ernest, Hala! Sige aral pa din. Security blanket siguro. Si Ohme, nagbabasa pero nirereklamo nila na ang tagal magbasa. I guess, dina-digest nya mabuti. Si Pantas, cool lang...pero basa pa din. Si Peds, petiks din. Tutulog daw sya ng maaga. Tama naman. Mahirap ang puyat pagnag-eexam. Si Aira, nakikipagdiscuss sa mga kapatid nya. Hindi ko nakita si TL nung gabing yun.

For a law student, Bar Examinations is the culmination of your years of toil. This will define your, better make it good. Give the best of all you have.

I realized that, again, it is all about preparation. Physical, psychological, emotional and most importantly, mental. The exams need answers. It's about inner drive, although encouragement from people close to you are important as well. School support is very crucial too. This one I've seen with the spectacular Bar Operations of AUSL. Although, this year's Bar Examinations Chairperson did not allow the loud music that has become a tradition. According to her, Bar Exams shouldn't be a fanfare but a solemn ceremony instead. O well... But I liked it better the traditional way.ü

I could have been a barister for this year's Bar Examination, but I have to admit I am not yet prepared. I'll have my turn in 2010.ü As I ushered them to the La Salle premises, I felt a pinch inside but most importantly, I felt pride that my friends made it. And they will definitely make it over the Bar.

Sa mga, Barista...Kaya nyo yan! Andito lang kami nagdarasal para sa inyo.

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