This morning Mom and I had a peculiar conversation over breakfast.

"Gusto mo ba maging Justice?", she suddenly asked from out of nowhere.

"Oo." My answer was quick, plain and sure.

"Akala ko ba gusto mo magpratice ng immigration law?"

"Onga. Gagawin ko yung bago ako maging Justice. Syempre Ma, di ka naman agad-agad pwedeng maging Justice."

Then, I started explaining to her the requisites of becoming a Justice under the Constitution highlighting on years of practice and minimum age. Of course that was done in the most layman way possible. My mom is a simple citizen of this Country who like others would start nauseating the moment she hears technical terms such as res judicata, certiorari or habeas corpus.

If and when I become a lawyer, I would be the first in both my mom and dad's immediate family. Well, I've heard we have distant relatives who are lawyers and judges in the provinces. But of course, I do not know them. I think I have met them only once as to date. Other than my personal desire to fulfill my dream, our conversation reminded me that there are actually two clans watching and waiting for the time I take my turn to cross the Bar and become an agent of justice. Pressure? A bit. More of pleasure.ü

On one hand, I have always believed in the power of Parent's Prayers for their children. Mary did it for Jesus, Rebekkah did it for Jacob and Jacob for Joseph. They dreamt that their children be safe, be under God's guidance and care. And God did not fail them. He actually gave more than what one could expect.

I also believe in the blessing of parents to children. Isaac exhibited it to Jacob (although we know that how Jacob deceived his father to get the blessing that is actually for his older brother, Esau.) My point here is, parents' blessings are physical and outward manifestations of God's favor on their children and their endeavors.

My conversation with Mama this morning was a prophecy and a blessing, so I would like to believe. More so, it is simply an assurance that she too is praying that I become great and excel in what I do. Perhaps, she knows deep in her heart I have the skills to do it and God is faithful enough to meet me in case I fall short.

As I write this, my heart is warm, my chest is tightening. Especially knowing that once, she did not fully supported my pursuit for a degree in law. Hopefully, someday when what we have talked about becomes reality, she would still be here on earth savoring the joy of it with me.ü

What is funny is that yesterday, I was piecing together in my thoughts my long term goals for my legal career. Then, this conversation. Is that coincidence? I don't think so. How will I get there? I am not exactly sure. But I will get there.

God will surely show the way.

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