keeping in touch

Many research have shown the importance of touch in the emotional health of a person. Touch is used to relieve pain, depression, and anxiety. That is why most new moms are encouraged to frequently touch their new borns. Touch is a basic necessity for human beings since this is the only means to get in touch with other human beings. Unfortunately, because of the indifference and lack of time to bond with others, we have less and less of this.

Now, there is a touching revolution--Hug Therapy.

Hugging is one of the intimate forms of touch. Most psychologists say that every person needs an average of four (4) hugs a day to survive, six (6) maintain emotional well-being, 21 for those who have emotional and mental problems (those who are neurotic).

According to Dolores Krieger, R.N., Ph.D., professor of nursing at New York University and expert in the field of touch therapy, when one person hugs or touches another, it actually invigorates the body by stimulating the level of hemoglobin which carries oxygen to tissues. When these tissues receive oxygen, they have a new energy that continues to rejuvenate the body.

Other research in the hugging field has shown that hugging helps lessen the chances of senility in people age 70+, increases liveliness, curiosity, problem-solving abilities and overall physical well-being, and substantially improves a newborn's developmental progress.

Isn't that amazing?


TIME Magazine had chosen the best inventions for 2006 and one of the more fascinating inventions is the Hug Shirt. This touchy innovation is invented by Cute Circuit.

Hug Shirt is a high-tech garment that simulates the experience of being embraced by a loved one. When a friend sends you a virtual hug, your cell phone notifies the shirt wirelessly, via Bluetooth. The shirt then re-creates that person's distinctive cuddle, replicating his or her warmth, pressure, duration and even heartbeat. And, yes, the Hug Shirt is fully washable. (TIme Magazine)

I guess is this one proof that there is indeed a scarcity of touching among human beings. A clear attempt to meet the physical and emotional needs of the human person. Isn't it funny how we content ourselves with what is created in our heads, well in fact we can have the real thing?

Think about it?


berna said...

wow! amazing invention! pero blue tooth ang gamit? e di ganun din, kelangan magkalapit din sila? dapat it can work kahit miles apart. but still, just goes to show how rare pure human to human interaction is para may makaisip ng ganito. oh well, here's my virtual hug to you faith! *hugz*! hehehe.. =)

jishinka said...

i think the bluetooth works for from the cellphone to the shirt. Pero ang galing noh?!

virtual hug back to you.ΓΌ

(i still don't feel well...feeling ko lalagnatin na ako.:c)