rules of engagement

Our lives are made up of rules.

Whether it is written or customarily observed; whether it is imposed by the society or the people around us or simply dictated by our personal choices; Or simply whether we like it or not;


Oftentimes, rules make us feel trapped. They seem to limit our God given freedom since they appear to be parameters by which we are expected to act--thus we have to act accordingly. On the other hand, I would like to believe that rules are made to make life less complicated and chaotic.

Have you ever imagined life on the streets if there were no traffic rules that motorists and pedestrians follow? Our streets will be more packed than they usually are; accidents are more likely to happen which will be detrimental to both life and property. By following a set of rules, or simply abiding by the green, yellow and red colors that the traffic light shows, or by merely walking across the white stripes on the road, we can all have more safe and orderly journey. Or have you ever thought how life is if every person can just stick a knife against another person's body without any thought? Or every person will just nonchalantly take someone else's property without any reprimand for the violation of taking? Wouldn't that simply drive you haywire?

Even in an anarchical society, (which most believed to be a state of lawlessness and chaos) they have a sense of order or rule of "law" which is based on the presumption that every person has a knowledge of what is good and bad. This dictate of social conscience serves as the rule by which the State is ruled.

Rules are there to preserve order.

On Saturday, I will have a recitation likened to a "revalida" for my Civil Procedure class. It'll cover Rules 1-71 of the Rules of Court. So, after I post this entry I will start digging my books and master my rules.

The knowledge of the Rules of Court is vital for every lawyer (and those aspiring to be one as well). Just like in any game, one must be proficient with the rules for him to play it well and win eventually.

I do hope I master my rules. Not only for Saturday's game but more like to serve it's real purpose when I become a lawyer.

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