lager night

It's my first time to attend Lager Night. It is a regular event in AUSL where there is bottomless booze and lots of partying. (Btw, this is sponsored by the school and the AUSL SC.) As the Dean of Admissions would always say: "Law school is hard as it is, why would we make it harder? It is supposed to be FUN." In AUSL, yes, law school is fun.ü

Tonight's party is also the send-off for the 2007 AUSL Barristers. Cheers to you guys! You can make it!ü (It's a post midterms parteh too!)

Here are some of the shots I got from my phone. (Tsk. I should have brought a camera!ü Maybe next time.)

From left to right; top row: Juris with her friend; AUSL peeps drinking their hearts out; that's me with a glass of draft; mid row: with Andrea (IPL classmate); with Liz; with Greysh; bottom row: UST peeps (kaye, liz,greysh, me and froi); marshall shirt for the bar ops + beer; juris, froi, greysh, kaye and liz

We study hard...and we party hard!ü

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Jm Imperial said...

PARTY? nanjan din ako ha! sarap ng beer sa plastic cup! =)