I just turned 25.

My birthday wasn't extravagant nor fabulous, but it was definitely happy. Let me share with you the highlights.

1) Barley treated me out for dinner on Tuesday night to anticipate for 12 midnight. He waited for me until after my class. So, basically what we had was a "late dinner" already at 10pm. It was a very fun meal. Sobra tawa kami ng tawa kasi check ng check si Bar ng relo nya. Mas excited pa sa akin sa birthday ko.ü Thanks, Bar! That was the sweetest.ü What I loved most is the Grey's Anatomy Season 3 DVD. I was right not to buy one for myself. Hehe!

2) At midnight when we were already having some beer, text messages and phone calls started flooding in. For all those who greeted...THANKS SO MUCH. Thanks for staying up late. And for the law students (who are expected to be awake by that time) thanks for greeting. I really, really appreciate it. Kiwi, thanks for the call.ü (Mirror, sobrang thank you for letting these people know.ü)

3) In the morning, I woke up with my mom in the kitchen preparing my favorite foods. I love birthdays. I asked for chocolate cake for dinner, though.

4) Wena and I spoke on the phone for more than an hour. Hahaha!ü

5) I had lunch with Gen and Zeny at Beanhoppers. And they gave me a slice of chocolate cake. (Ang aga ng chocolate cake ko.ü) We missed Kath, again. :c But I really, really feel loved. Thanks for missing class..Hehe! You are so sweet, sisters.

6) I met up with Juris at the lib before class.. It so nice to see my mirror on the day of my birthday.

7) I heard mass at San Isidro Chapel at around 630. My birthday falls on the commemoration of the Beheading of Saint John the Baptist and I always complain why the Gospel does not change. It was only that night that I realized it's importance in my life. I prayed for a good life. I knew I'm gonna get it. I walked back to school with Dean Lazo.

8) I got myself an AUSL jacket. Nice.ü

9) Upon arriving home, I had dinner with my siblings. It was all fun and laughter. I realized how my siblings have grown up too. Mom isn't feeling well so she can't wait for me anymore. I just have to let her sleep.

10) I got a message from a friend from Canada. I was set into tears. Love you, padre!ü

So, that was it. I was actually thinking of a more fab entry. Nah, what is important is that my birthday was a happy one. I enjoyed it and most importantly I felt so loved.ü

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