right against self-incrimination, reserved

Disclaimer: This photo is a taken from a grafitti on a wall from starbucks valero. The message does not pertain to anything about the author or does not relate to anything in her life. It was merely a product of twistedness in the desire to be awake at the grim hours of the morning.
On a legal note: The right against self-incrimination cannot be invoked prior to questioning.It cannot be reserved nor be invoked on as a blanket of right. It is properly invoked upon question and before refusing to answer. The title is merely used for creativity.


Juris Prudence said...

Oh yeah? twistedness? i do not think so! i really don't. hahahaha. convince yourself more faithie! convince yourself! wahahahaahahahah..

jishinka said...

Uh, you talking to the mirror?
I love you prudence. ;)