Fortes Fortuna Adiuvat. Remember the first time you read that maxim? Remember that smile on your face when you learned that such old Latin maxim literally means fortune favours the brave. Now, isn't that true enough?

Yes, that was coward. Yes, you allowed being unpopular eat you and let another opportunity pass you by. And yes, that was indeed stupid. 'Nuff for the self-blame. Regret all you want, sorely but it's all water under the bridge. Guess, you just have to learn to have more of that go-get-it attitude. Lesson learned: Never base your decisions on what other people would think or say, especially if the choice you're going to take is one which is important for YOU. Queber? You worked for it, and you deserve to fight for what you have toiled for. And you know you wanted it badly. It's not your fault that others are mediocre.

Don't Settle. Speak up. Fight. Be brave.

Lest you'll miss all the chances, they aren't unlimited. That you fear.

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