her sweet escape

The midterm hibernation coupled with the overcast skies and non-stop rain pulled her down. She was gloomy and no matter how much she'd want to hit her books, he just can't. Nothing sticks in her head anyway. This is not working right. She's already wasted hours to frustration.

As soon as darkness bit. she slipped into her jeans, put on the first shirt she got her hand to, donned her back with her knitted green jacket and off she went to the nearest cinema from her place. "This might do the trick.", she thought.

With paintless face, hair pulled back and thick spectacles, she checked the schedule. The movie had started. Four minutes past. It's fine with her. She bought herself a billet, walked into the dark room and found herself a seat for one. She chose a story about marriage, betrayal and reparation of wrong deeds. She cried. And she cried some more. It was good for her, at least the tension was out.

As the credits roll, she was beaming. She stayed a bit longer before walking out just so not to get cramped by the other moviegoers. As the lights hit her, she realized she was still smiling. "Hurrah! Am better now. I'll see my books in a bit.", she said to herself.

Before going home, she got herself some treats--two packs of her favorite chocolate candies, a bottle of creamer for coffee and a can of her favorite beer. Good stuff before hell week.

I think she's ready now.

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