Bar Examinations 2007

The Bar Examinations is the first hurdle an aspiring lawyer must overcome to enter the Legal Profession. One must show competence in the knowledge of the law, and in what way will the Honorable Justices know this but through a grueling examination.

2007 Bar Examinations is coming in a few weeks. It will run through the four Sundays of September. The examinees will take two exams for each day, one in the morning and the second in the afternoon. This will cover eight subjects namely: Political Law and International Law, Labor Law, Civil Law, Taxation, Commercial Law, Criminal Law, Remedial Law, and Legal Ethics and Practical Exercises.

I have always looked forward to the Bar Exams and have wholeheartedly supported my seniors as they took it. I used to volunteer for the Bar Operations in my previous school. Well, plainly, it is helping them make their lives easier so as to lessen the pressure of taking an exam that would spell their future. They need all the support they can get in crucial moments as this. Also, it is some sort of juju that the good deed will come back when your time to take the Bar comes.

This coming Bar Examination is particularly special for me. Most of my batch mates during my first year in law school are now up for the challenge. These are the people I was with when we were all struggling in the dark to learn the ins and outs of law school. They are the ones whom I was with during sleepless reading marathons. We have dreamt to take the bar and later take the oath altogether. We even thought of signing our names next to each other in the Roll of Attorneys.

Yes, there is some pang of “regret” for not taking the Bar as I chartered it. But on second thought, I am fine. God has better plans. I realized it’s not how fast you get there, but how much you are actually prepared to take the Bar and later become a lawyer. It’s basically about preparation. I think my experiences in and out of law school have shaped me to be more apt to do my job well someday. Although, I should say there is still a long way to go. (In fact, I still have midterms exams to ace next week.)

To the Bar Examinees of 2007, all the best wishes. May the force be with you.

I’ll see you in court.

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