money sense

For most people to talk about money is obscene. It is like Harry Potter’s Chamber of Secrets that no one else dares to even whisper about it, lest you die. It is like engaging in an immoral activity which will cost you your soul for hell.

I am having a different view now. I believe—after a lot of thought correction—that money is neutral. It is neither good nor evil. It only depends on how we use it and how it influences our lives. Most of us think that money is evil and the rich are crooks. I have to admit that in as much as I wanted to earn I had that subconscious belief lingering somewhere in my head. I agree with what would Bo Sanchez say, “Money may not be the most important thing but all other areas of life are affected by it.” If I use money to love others, then it is good. Therefore, money is good. I now break free.

I’m a goal driven person. I only turning 25 and I am hoping to be financially stable before I actually settle down for family life. I want to provide myself with a nest either a house or a condo unit, drive my own car, own a business or two and have a hefty sum of money in the bank and other vehicles of investments.

I want this because fear the day that my future family will have to pull ends just to survive on a daily basis. Please do not mistake me for being materialistic. I just want to be financially independent with more than enough to share to others. I want quality of life because I believe I deserve it.

I dare now speak about money because I realize that I need the skills to handle it well. I dare now ask people who now about it so in time, I will be able to command money and maximize it to meet my needs and those of the people I love. I dare now explore how it works because I do not want to be ignorant and suffer the consequence of it. Worse, let my love ones suffer with me.

I have my own share of stories as regards handling finances. I failed a lot of times and I am still struggling to learn more. I am still a kindergarten in the University of Money, but I now stand in front of my school clutching my lunch box and ready to meet my teachers.

This is the beginning.


Hazel said...

gosh, tell me about it! I'm a kid when it comes to handling money too! (look at all those caaaaaaaandyyy) :D

jishinka said...

hahaha! sinabi mo pa. =)