Recess - noun, a break in a trial or other court proceedings or a legislative session until a certain date and time. Recess is not to be confused with "adjournment," which winds up the proceedings.

Finally, the week long battle is over. My midterm exams ended today. Whew! Yes, it was a tiring week but it was exciting and fun. :D

Just a recap of the week that was:

Monday - This is supposed to be a holiday but we pursued on our Labor Relations exam. Umn. fairly ok.

Tuesday - Public International Law. Please read related blog.

Wednesday - International Trade Law class. Who ever imagined that in the middle of the midterm week we'll hold classes? O well... After class, Juris, Bar and I went to Starbucks Valero. Spent the night over and studied for Torts. Bar left at around 1 am. Juris and I stayed till almost six the following morning. We had Kiwi on phone patch for review. :D

Thursday - I crammed in memorizing Civil Code provisions. Wala naman lumabas. Hahaha! Torts and Damages exam consists of 5 questions, 20 points each.

Friday - The twin exam day--Ethics and Intellectual Property Rights. Good thing I memorized the lawyer's oath. 10 points guaranteed. Hehe! Towards the end of the day... my brain batt is getting drained. My IPL exam was a @&$*!?#@%. Water under the bridge.

Saturday - Finally, Civil Procedure. Tricky exam. I read the 8-item questionnaire over and over for more than 30 minutes and keep on figuring answers. I hope my remedies are correct. ;P

I refrained from post-game analysis huddles after every exam. I do not want to depress myself. Hehe!

After today's exam, Carlisle and I went to a mall. Ate and chatted for four long hours. Isn't that nice? Am having new friends. Hahaha! Rod picked me up at around 8.30. We had coffee and a slice of cake. Interestingly, the name of the cake is: In Between Seasons.

I have two days to rest from reading. I have two nights of complete sleep.

The training resumes next week. :D


Agile II said...

hehehe... kelangan nio yan ngaun! :D

Recess.... Use it well... :D

Hope to see you soon!

(hmm..wonder when will that be..lolz)

jishinka said...

thanks, agile.

Hazel said...

weee! naunahan mo pa ko, I still have two exams to go ;p

see you back in boot camp. Hehe.

jishinka said...

ok lang yan girl... nde nman to race e, marathon to!ü

see yah! and hopefully, we'll get to talk longer.ü

berna said...

pssst!! belated happy birthday!!! =) kwento naman sa mga pangyayari sa iyong kaarawan. =)

jishinka said...

thanks b! I will. Binubuo ko pa ung isusulat ko. Tsaka inaantay ko ung ibang pics...Hehe!