right of existence and self-defense

Agression is the use of armed force by a State against the sovereignty, territorial integrity and political indepence of another State, or in any other manner inconsistent with the Charter of the United Nations, as set out in this definitions (U.N. General Assembly; 14 December 1974)

Every State has the inherent right to preserve and defend its existence by the use of forcible measure in the face of a necessity instant, overwhelming and leaving no choice of means and no moment of deliberation (Public International Law, Justice Isagani Cruz). In layman's language, a State is authorized to use force to combat an immediate force applied against it by another state.

If I were a state, I did not use my right. If it was a real war, my existence has ended. Hopefully not, though.

Last night, I had my exam in Public International Law. It was completely and insanely objective. Well, no point ranting about, but it was my first time EVER to meet an exam as objective and trivial as that in law school. Law school exams normally involves analysis and reasoning. I answered the 20-item exam, weighing five points each, with the best that my brain can sustain me and I passed the paper. :c I felt my professor's hostility. I walked out. It wasn't one of my brave moments of combating "agression". I just thought it wasn't gonna be a good fight after all. I didn't even tried to fight back with greater force to the horror of my extinction.

I am interested with International Law. So interested that I even want to become an envoy of the Philippines to different countries abroad. But I have to admit, I am really having a hard time coping with my professor's style of teaching. I was confiding this to one lawyer and all he did was stare at me. In his words: "Neng, psychological lang yan. Don't make excuses". Maybe he's right. At a certain degree, I am indimidated by one brilliant legal mind. Which by the truth is: I am a fan. :D

Starting today, I declare my love for International Law.

As I was nursing my battle wounds last night, two new friends were there: Bar and Juris, thanks. :D

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