highs and lows

If you have seen the film "The Story of Us" starring Bruce Willis and Michelle Pfieffer, my entry title will ring a bell. It is a game played by the couple (with their kids) at the end of each day, inquiring on their happiest moment(high) and the saddest events (low) during the day.
I particularly loved it because it is a fun way of cultivating intimacy in a relationship (in their case, their marriage and their family life). It basically sums the most important events for a person's life at least for that particular day. I saw the film back in early 2000 on VCD with my prayer partner Wena during one of our movie-marathons. And I remembered us playing that for quite a time, deliberately mentioning "HIGH" and "LOW". We've evolved. We no longer say those words. We just share stuffs spontaneously.
This afternoon I was finishing one of my midterms requirements for Labor Law with my friend Gen who was then studying for her Pedia Exam. In between our "autistic" moments, we in passingly chit-chatted about how we wanted our relationships with our future boyfriends (and later husbands) would be. Friendship. And I was reminded of HIghs and Lows.
For the sake of the post title, here's my high(s) and low for the day:
HIGH: Laughing non-stop for roughly 10 minutes as Gen recounts one of her "slipping" moments; Finishing my IRR just in time.
LOW: Remembering one of my pressing concerns. Good heavens, have mercy please.
**This entry is not one of my usual clear and concise posts. Quite evasive. Am not quite sure what my point is. I just want to share I remembered Highs and Lows (and all the stuff that goes with it that I do not want to share).

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