spinning off the sem break

Finally, another sem is over. Four more sems and I'll soon be ready for the bar. Yahoo! For now, I need this break. 2 weeks. My to-do list isn't cramped. I'd just like it to be free and light. More time for lazing around, reading non-law books, surfing the net, maybe a trip to the beach or to tagaytay or to Pangasinan to see Zeny's mom, meet some old friends, attend Berna's wedding and watch grey's (or maybe I can start watching House) and lots of movies too.

My sem break officially started yesterday and so upon waking up from a night of beer with my law school friends, I accepted a spur of the moment invite from Peds for a movie. It was a bright and sunny day yesterday, and I realized how much time I have been spending inside buildings. Oftentimes, I go home at night or at dawn if I stay out in coffee houses to study. The sunshine is a welcome. I remember telling Peds: "Ganito pala pag umaga. Ang saya." One proof that the sun rays do stimulate some hormones in the body which makes you feel gleeful.

After conversations over lunch and coffee, we saw Stardust. It's an adaptation of Neil Gaiman's book about a true love and magic. The story revolves around fallen star who who turned out to be a beautiful woman in the person of Yvaine (Claire Danes) and Tristan (Charlie Cox), a yound lad who's looking for the fallen star to please the prettiest girl from his village. They both were caught in a magical adventure to run away from all those who are after them for an array of reasons. And in the course of going through the twists and turns of death and spells, they fell for each other.

In all, the movie is a mixture of magic, romance and adventure spiced up with some risque humor. I actually felt I was warped in a fairy tale book in kinder. The pictureque fields and mountains setting is soooo soothing. I remember commenting thrice: "Ang ganda!" . The medieval village costumes of sires and maidens, to the flyng ships, pirates, castles, spells and witches did it all. Although, this time it's a little appreciation from an adult. Hehe. I had a little tickle on my romatic side (Yes, I do have that too!).

I thought as I walked out of the movie house: Yvaine shone the brightest when she found her true love. Hence, true love brings you to your nature and makes you the best of it. Cheesy.ΓΌ

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