juego de anillo

Dear Pa,

Em and I were looking for some photos for display earlier when I found these old photos. These were taken during the Family Day when I was in Prep. We had our field demonstration which I hated then because of the heat. But I was happy to have you and Mom there present to watch me perform. Moreso, I get to join most of the games that time because I had both a mom and a dad to play with.

I remember how much I wanted to join "Juego de Anillo" that morning. It was a game exclusively for kids and dads. I didn't even know what the rules of this game were, but it sounded very peculiar to me, so I thought it might be interesting. I think you knew that I wanted to play this one, because even before I asked, you already invited me to join. I remember you saying, "Tara, Pache, sali tayo!". You were very giddy, much more than I was. I loved you more for that. You were the bestest Papa then (and you still are). I wasn't sure what was it that you saw that you seemed to be sure I wanted to play. Was it a certain look? Did you read my body language? Or is there really a language only fathers and daughters understand? I don't know. But I was thankful you asked.

As you placed me on your shoulders, I was getting more excited. (Now, I am sure that I tend to hide my emotions. I remember I was also very giddy then, but I refused to show. Hahaha!) I could hear you shouting out our strategy on how we're gonna get the ring with the unsharpened pencil in the hand. Initially, when the rules were said my excited diminished and slowly I had doubts on whether I can string the ring. I was afraid I might not perform what I was supposed to do. I was worried I might disappoint you. But in the middle of the noise all around us, I heard you say "Kaya mo yan, Pache! Kaya naten to! Focus ka lang sa ring." Then I was so sure we are gonna win. "Sabi mo, Pa e!"

When I heard the cue to start, you started running towards the ring. I was in fighting form. I did everything just as you told me. Most importantly, I did not lose sight of our goal. You performed your part well (the running) and I knew that I have to do mine well too. I told myself, "We have to win. i cannot disappoint Papa."

And we did!

We did it and I was so happy!. Look at my Kodak moment shot! Ninong Noel did a good one on this. Look at how proud I was. I knew I did well, but I was even more proud because that time I felt I was the only kid whose Papa was intensely into the game as I am. We were a team then, and I knew you also wanted to win because it's gonna make me happy. I felt everyone else was starting when we shouted that we won! I was enjoying the stares then, because they are staring at me while am on my Papa's shoulders. He made me win. He did this more than I.

Thanks so much for that glorious moment. These pictures reminded me of how much you have supported me in the things I have wanted. I've always knew that my heart sends you signals that helps me tell you its secret wishes. And you never failed me. O yes, there are times you also have disappointed me by not acceding to my whims, but in the end I always get the best I can possibly have. Thank you for showing me immeasurable love. You are the greatest!ΓΌ
I miss you.


Anonymous said...

awww... :')

i have heard a few touching daddy-daughter stories before...this is "at par" with them


Barley said...

^ ako si come my bloggername didnt show up?

jishinka said...

i thought I had another stalker. thanks for that, bar!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I was searching for resources on this game so I could explain it better to my student. Kudos to you and how with your story, I will be able to tell my student what it is.


By the way, I admire your love and admiration for your father. =)

jishinka said...

hey there! thanks. hope you had your name written here though.