an encounter with a god

Yesterday, Calai, being the Labor Commissioner for Bar Ops 2008, finally sat down with DCG as the adviser for the pre-week review materials. Since I am one of her members (and friend), I got the privilege to sit down with them.

See, DCG may ordinarily appear to be an ordinary lawyer, but tell you he is one hell of a legal genius. Save to say that he is the lawyer of several seemingly impossible cases, but his brains come out with arguments that the not any average lawyer can concoct. And he wins. Personally, DCG has been my saving grace. This may be too psychological, but after I've finished Labor Relations under him I felt I have hope for the Labor Bar Exam. I have to admit that my foundation in Labor Law from my former school wasn't very impressive at all.

After several minutes of categorizing schools and how they train their lawyer wannabees (He's from UP and I guess, I can't take away the discrimination from him), DCG gave out his personal advice as regards how Calai and I should prepare for the bar in 2010. For other people, it may be two far years away, but I agree with him that we are actually running out of time. Eight bar subjects summing four years of supposedly diligent study is not joke. Of course, everyone, including me, wants to take it once and only once. So, they say: "Gagawin mo na nga lang, gawin mo na ng maayos." Kung pede nga lang, i-top mo pa.

I now knew why I was delayed in taking my big B exam...kasi kelangan ko pala muna ma-meet si DCG. Hahaha! Fan ito! Seriously, am fueled up. Galing!


marie said...

hi faith! just keeping in touch.. wow! 2 years na lang pala, BAR mo na!!!

AJA! ou can do it! God bless!

jishinka said...

thanks, marie! pray for me ha.