lying is not an option.

One of my professors commented that honesty does not have premium under the law. Partly true. See, in criminal law, admission of guilt can mitigate the penalty you will suffer. Nevertheless, it does not remove your liability.

But come to think of it, isn't that what nature dictates upon? Are we really not supposed to suffer/enjoy the consequences of our choices?

Are we really thinking that lying can leave us unscathed?


I am not perfect, nor have I always told the truth. But I am always wary of people who lie--worse to your face.

Oh well, this happens all the time, but hopefully not to people you share special relationships with. For me, it's the highest form of insincerity and disrespect. It mars trust.

As I always say: "Even if it's gonna hurt me, let me know the truth. That way it won't be doubly painful."

In relationships, lying is not an option. It isn't a brave thing to do.


I can't help it. I have taken a step back...make that two.

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