i've got a third brother

He isn't my parents' son, nor am I his parents' daughter.

But somewhere deep in my heart, I know we're born to be siblings. I am supposed to be the older sister, which I try to be--protecting and looking after him. While there are times he acts as my Kuya, saying just the right words and knowing better. Often times, in his quiet ways, he sensitively reads the cues, and responds to them appropriately.

Over time I am not sure if I have let out a loud thank you for all the things you have done. Little as they may have seemed, each are greatly appreciated and carefully held. Ro, I can never be thankful enough for never failing to assure me of your friendship, a shelter I can always run to even if am being crappy. You make me believe all the more that you (with all the girls and Padre) are God's sweetest blessings.

'Love you, bro! :)
(Eeekkk! I know you're gonna hate me for that... hehe. Sorry, I can't help but be mawkish. Hehe.) Here's to forever, even if things continue to change. :)

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