let the change begin

I failed to see the live feed of Obama's inaugural speech over the news channels on Monday night. Nevertheless, I was very pleased to see it on CNN online the following morning and have been itching to blog after which.

I admit that I did not follow the US Presidential Elections Campaign. Although, I remember having commented how brave this African-American candidate was for running for the highest post in the American government where in fact, his color is largely different from the majority. His platform was change--one which I surmised he used to suit his distinction from the previous Presidents because of his skin color, and also to arrest the issue on the Americans getting tired of Bush (who unfortunately left White House with a very unsatisfactory performance rating).

I thought that either Obama has a savior syndrome or he simply has passion burning inside him which makes him see beyond the barriers. Perhaps, I thought, he knows his identity as an American so he carries it on his chest like a badge. And he does. More so, he contaminates his people with such awareness by reminding them the travails of how America--democracy--was fortified. With this my skepticism starts to break.

I am not yet a fan though, but I was impressed by his inauguration address. Eloquent and inspiring. I didn't feel any hint of pretense nor any promise of false hopes (unlike those we hear from our Presidents). I was drawn by his demeanor as a leader. It is devoid of self-loathing, instead he involves his people to work on things with him. His speech motivates yet in effect sends out a command to the people to "pick themselves up, dust their selves off, and begin again the work of remaking America." He realizes that he cannot work on rebuilding America's glory from the shambles it has created without the people whom he is to faithfully represent. The fact that he capitalizes on the support that he gathered from in Washington, shows how an intelligent leader he is.

He exudes an aura of confidence and he appears to have a battle plan. I was telling my brother last night that it seems to me that Obama knew from the start that he wanted to become president and he took sure steps to get there--silently, slowly and surely. Though there seems to be a few who believed, he persistently pursued his vision and later made other believe and share this with him. May his vision hopefully brings America and the rest of the world to flight all over again.

Yes, Obama is now president of the "most powerful and prosperous" state--the United States of America. So what do we care as Filipinos? How will it affect our daily lives considering we are not citizens of US? Many political analysts and the learned from the fields of economics, political science, public administration, etc., says that Obama's taking over the presidential post will greatly define the socio-economic sphere of the whole world. Especially because of the current global economic crunch, Obama might not have enough time to take his sweet time to savor his victory.

I do not know if my admiraton over Obama's inaugural address will be sustained. I hope, and I also hope Obama performs well.

As for the Filipino people, especially our politicians, let us find in ourselves out identity as Filipinos and let is work together towards one goal of rebuilding the Philippines. May the huge crowd that gathered in Washington, serve as a reminder that democracy will work only is the people work for one purpose. May our leaders abandon lip service, instead perform their jobs with utmost integrity and sincerity. Still I hope to see that one day divisions and factions in Philippine politics is over; that poverty is alleviated; that there is quality education for our children; that each Filipino family will live comfortable lives together without need of anyone of them working abroad. As Obama, puts it:
"Today I say to you that the challenges we face are real. They are serious and they are many. They will not be met easily or in a short span of time. But know this, (America): They will be met."

Hopefully, they will.

Here is the full inauguration address clip, courtesy of CNN Online

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