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I always wanted to have a dog but my first pet was a cat. I remember how my aunt insisted that I bring home one of the kittens that her cat gave birth to. She was a tiny, orange ball of fur when they placed her in a piece of cloth. Papa and I took her home. When asked what her name would be, the first thing that came to mind was 'Muning'. Perhaps the kindergarten books that I read influenced me too much. I once tried to bathe her, but I was told that cats don't take a bath and if they do, they die.  So, Muning grew up smelly. I wasn't too fond of her though but I would make sure she eats well everyday. I remember saving the fish bones whenever I eat so she'll have something to eat too. My uncle who was then living with us had a poodle and I would  fight with him whenever the dog would bully my kitty-cat. 

Muning caused the household to smell foul so my yaya and my uncle set up a plot of misleading her so she won't come home. According to them, cats have this ability of finding their way back home even if you try to lose them. So, you have to sort of confuse them by leading them to unfamiliar places just so they won't return. My Muning was tough! She was able to find her way home! :) I was so proud of her that time. Though, at the second attempt, Muning failed to come home.  I wasn't sure if they left her roaming on the streets or they gave her away. Nonetheless, I was really sad and angry. After several hours of sulking, I just had to wish that she'll find a better place for her and her future family.

After her, it only took care of a few hamsters and rabbits. (I will write another entry about the rabbits. :)) Taking care of animals is like taking care of your children. You have to feed them, clean them and their cages and somehow, adapt to their "language" so you'll know what they need or try to say. But the joy they bring is awesome. Somehow, my little pets remove the stress from me.


This morning, I read an article online about a boy who is charged for animal cruelty. Jerzon Senador caught the ire of the netizens when he posted a photo of his puppy pinned on a clothesline last year.  This year, the Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) initiated a complaint against him for violating Republic Act 8485 or the Animal Welfare Act.  Section 6 of the law states that "it shall be unlawful for any person to torture any animal, to neglect to provide adequate care, sustenance or shelter, or maltreat any animal." A warrant of arrest was issued and served against him but his whereabouts cannot be found as of the moment, according to the article.

photo courtesy of PAWS through
Perhaps Jerzon found it cute to play with his puppy this way, yet since animal rights advocacy has grown active in our country in the recent years, his seeming playfulness was not approved of. I am happy to know that laws like this are implemented and reaches its purpose. In fact, in May 2011, the Quezon City Trial Court convicted a Joseph Candare, a UP college student, for killing a cat who has been roaming around the campus. Candare was fined with 1,000 and made to do volunteer work with PAWS. (GMANews) It's a good thing though that the Filipinos are becoming more aware and responsible for life--including that of animals. More than being civilized as it appears to be, I would rather say that we are becoming more human--that is we are learning to respect the circle of life.

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