heart matters

I am still elated from spending a night out with a special friend. I know that the feeling will later subside, but I will definitely keep it in my heart.

Sometimes, the things wish for does not seem to come. However, life can surprise us with little things that we have not really asked for. Those little things that are sweet and mean a lot.

I think I have learned the importance of living a moment. I think bit by bit I am learning to appreciate things simply as they come. Besides, life never gave guarantees. We are only left to hope that life will be good to us. Hope, yet do not expect.


sonar said...

each moment spent is always a treasure to behold. but contrary to what you said at the last part... we should always HOPE for the best, but EXPECT the worst... a very good friend of mine taught me that... :p

JE said...

"hope for the best but expect the worse" is the right line. I always share this thought in making plans/arrangements. Somehow, I get to apply it in life too.