missing the mountains

Scaling mountains is a feat but I love it, tell you! The last time I was atop one was more than a year. I usually take this time to reflect as I take each step up.
Haayy... I wonder when will I get to climb another grand land mass.
mt.pulag, benguet; feb 2006

atop mt. pulag @ around 7a

mt. batulao, batangas; january 2006


berna said...

hay! miss ko na din maging dugyot sa bundok! for you, it's been a year... me.. it's been 3 loooong years since my last climb. pulag din ung last climb ko. :P i want to go back there though. di ko nakita ng maayos ung sunrise e. cloudy kasi when we went there. akyat tyo!!! :P

jishinka said...

tara,tara! kelan? =)

berna said...

best time to go to pulag is summer right? =)

jishinka said...

February daw actually. This is the time you'd witness dews on leaves crystallize. Malamig nga lang pero ok din kasi di ka sunog. Pag summer they suggest during the holy week dahil sa full moon. =)