obiter dictum

Obiter Dictum - Latin for a statement "said by the way"; a remark or observation made by a judge that, although included in the body of the court's opinion, does not form a necessary part of the court's decision.

Earlier tonight I had my first "actual" class in Torts and Damages. When I said "actual" class, it meant a normal class meeting for law students where their professors terrorize them with lots of questions, quizzing into what they have read and understand about the subject matter discussed. Once one's name is called for individual recitation, he or she is expected to answer them fairly, if not excellently. For a law student this phenomena may cause heart palpitations, occassional irregular heartbeats, increase in blood pressure, panic, hyperventilation, nausea and the like. ( I am exaggerating on some of those...Hehe) Immunization doesn't seem to be possible but frequent exposure can lessen the abovementioned side effects. I agree with this system though. It is as a gauge of how one has understood the subject matter and more importantly, through this one develops the skill to think on his/her toes and express her thoughts clearly. It likewise forces the student to study. Personally, the feeling can became very addictive. It hit me...tell you!

Well, that isn't really my topic for my blog. I am actually living by my title tonight. Hehe.

During the later part of the meeting, my professor started discussing the bar exams and the preparations for it. It was way off the discussion on negligence and proximate causes. But it was something I welcomed. Yes, we're still quite afar from finishing our JD degree but I agree when he said that bar preparations actually start the moment you first step on the portals of your law school. It's a long tedious process of reaching a dream. I was actually inspired on how he seemed to be very passionate about seeing, much more believing that we too can cross the bridge. He reminded us about focus and how to watch out for the pitfalls. He expounded that one earns his place in the roll of attorneys by hard work and God's grace and mercy. I understand these more than anything, since I had my shareof lessons on it. However, it is good to be reminded every now and then. :)

Perhaps the bar fever is still high since the list of new lawyers have just been recently released by the Supreme Court. Congratulations, new lawyers. I look up to you. Or also this is because the graduates of Batch 2007 are starting their review classes in preparation for the Bar Exams on September. (Good luck, guys!)

Bar and Torts may be off beat. However, just like in several decisions of the courts, discussions which may actually seem to be irrelevant to your case at hand, may actually illustrate and pin a point.

Sir, your obiter did. :)

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