do the gods envy lawyers too?

The problem with the profession that I am treading is that, it frowns upon display of emotions. It expects every lawyer to bracket himself from feeling any untoward emotion for the cause of the client. Oftentimes, the lawyer needs to deny himself of whatever feelings he may have at a certain point in time, concerning personal stuff, in order to see things in a more logical and rational perspective. Heavy, powerful me-emotions are not allowed to get in the way.

Emotions blur reason.


However, reason dictates also that humanity requires emotion. Does that mean, lawyers aren’t allowed to be human?


I have always believed I am a cerebral person.


How come at this point it is my heart which is stubborn? Is that possible? Or better yet, maybe it is really my head which is stubborn to dictate to my heart to stop that crap.


Earlier this morning, I woke up seeing my brother watching Troy on DVD. I sat for a while, and joined him. That scene when Achilles “rescued” Briseis from the Myrmidons caught me. The conversation inside the tent was suddenly heard at a different tone. Achilles’ words pierced me. He said: " The gods envy us. They envy us because we're mortal, because any moment may be our last. Everything is more beautiful becuase we're doomed."

Is this my rhema for today?


I should be reading my CTA cases in the library. Damn.

I better get ready for school.


Tinao said...

pache!!!! ikaw pala yan. ahahahaha. :) sa bugallon dagupan ba si, sino na nga yun? yung writer sa varsitarian na ex mo ba? di ba binmaley sya? nosy! hehehe. bakit ka nagpunta pangasinan?

jishinka said...

Hahaha! Ang kulet mo Tin! Oo, taga-Binmaley yun. Nakipag-libing ako dun.