it's a girl thing

For the past few days I have noticed that I have non-nonchalantly throwing sharp comments on people. I have this irritating feeling flowing all-over me that I become too nitpicky on things (Oh yeah, fine, I am naturally like that but I am extra-critical, lately). I am not as tolerant as I can be. I whine more frequently. Then, on another instant, I sink into sentimentality. I suddenly start to miss things, people and stuff. Out of the blue I want to be touched. I also feel like bursting into tears for nothing. WHAAAAH!

Tell you this is happening in flicks of seconds (Nah, that's exaggeration.) I am going haywire!

Is this part of the reason why women are labeled as erratic? Maybe. We really are.

This is killing me. It's as if am sick or what have you. Truth being, I guess this is just part of that mood swings that is a result of the biological changes occurring monthly in women. I've also read in one article that there is really a link between moods and hormones. It says:

Although mood disorders and depression may occur at any age during a woman’s life, women seem to more vulnerable during times of hormonal fluctuations such as the menstrual period, pregnancy and perimenopause, according to a report released by the Society for Women’s Health Research in November (2007).

During times of hormonal flux, many women are able to emerge relatively unscathed. But for others, a normal hormonal transition can trigger mild to severe mood disorders including depression and bipolar disorder. “Science has revealed clues as to why these changes may occur in some women,” says Peter Schmidt, M.D., an investigator in the National Institute of Mental Health’s Reproductive Endocrine Studies Unit, “but further research is needed to definitively show what causes depression and mood disorders in women during hormonal transitions.”

Now, I say, it's fun being a girl...most of the time.

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