starbucks thoughts

Sometimes, no matter how logical you might be wired or trained to see and approach things, life will always find a way to suddenly frustrate you by presenting unexpected twists and turns. Even if your mind profusely refuse to reconcile these occurrences, you are only left to succumb what is impossible can be possible. Or console yourself that perhaps the world has its own cosmical law which isn't governed by logic.

Sometimes, on hindsight, you only get to wonder that indeed the series of events that unfolded in your life happened in the exact order as they should have happened; That you start to agree with the world that things do fall in their proper places, when in fact at the time these things start to occur you were in oblivion of why and how things can possibly be. Those were the times when you were hunted by endless questions which then does not offer any answer except for some glimmer of hope that maybe life has something better in store. Someday. Somehow.

Then finally you start to settle with the belief that we live in a life full of mystery. Where no matter how much we prepare for what th future holds we are left to still expect the unexpected. Paradoxically, we work for permanence in a constantly changing plane.

Wicked, isn't it?

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