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1. Each blogger starts with 10 random facts/habits about themselves.
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1. I am a true blooded Thomasian. I was born and had practically lived in UST almost all my life.

2. I love Pakbet and Kare-Kare.

3. I can do things alone. I watch movies alone, stroll in the mall, alone. A nice downtime for me is a day alone in a coffee shop with a book and lots and lots of coffee. But am hoping I won't spend the rest of my life alone. (Nyahahaha!)

4. I wanted to play soccer when I was younger. I was just too lazy to run, so I contended myself watching the games.

5. I enjoy climbing mountains and exploring the underwater. (Sir Bubut, sama na ako sa dive. Hehe!)

6. I have a huge crush on Paolo Bediones since fourth year high school. I even wanted to take Interdisciplinary Studies in Ateneo because of him. Wahahaha!

7. Jap food is comfort food.

8. I listen to all kinds of music EXCEPT metal rock. Rap is tolerable but I'm certainly not a fan.

9. I am starting up a new collection: beers. (Kath, got me the choco-beer from Japan. Tenchu, Kath! I got this king can San Mig Pale Pilsen produced in Thailand from Subic. When I placed them side by side... I thought it will be good to collect these kinda stuff. Hehe!)

10. I soooooo love to travel. :) Window seats on airplanes are the best.

I am tagging (no particular order):

1. em
2. carol
3. estar
4. kath
5. zeny
6. ysabs
7. paloy
8. tidoy
9. sari
10. keewy


katlin said...

Pambihira ka!! cge, next tym ko na sagutin yan.. seems interesting naman.. hehe.. :) mishu!

katlin said...

aha! tagging na naman.. cge, will answer it next tym.. miss u! :)

jishinka said...

nakakatatlong tag na ako e. hahaha!