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I got this from Kat Quijano, who used to be one of the EB members of UCSC and whom I have found to have very sound political opinions. The article below is from Jessica Zafra on how to vote and I totally agree to this. (Plus, I love Jessica Zafra's style of writing. Great.)

How to Vote
by jessica zafra

It’s really very simple.

Do not bedaunted by the sheer number of candidates vying for your vote. The fact that there are so many candidates does not mean there are too many choices, only the appearance of choice. I mean, look at them. By a simple process of elimination you can figure out whose names land in your ballot. Bear in mind that the desire to serve your country, no matter how sincere,does not in itself make you fit to hold public office. I want to play in a Wimbledon final, but am prevented by my total lack of tennis-playing ability. As for popularity, it is a qualification for winning elections,but not for doing the job (or knowing what it is). In the absence of a real party system, you have to look at the individuals. Here is a partial list ofthe candidates you cannot vote for.

A. Flaming idiots. That should get rid of at least half, and I’m being charitable.
B. The illiterate and ignorant.
C. The demonstrably inept.
D. The obviously corrupt.
E. Mayoral and gubernatorialcandidates with no managerialexperience whatsoever.
F. Senatorial wannabes and congressional aspirants who have no idea what the Constitution is.
G. Candidates with no actual plan.

You’ll find it is a very short list. Yes, we all wish we could elect thebest that the nation has to offer, butoften we have to settle for the leastatrocious of a disastrous lot.

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