into the deep

I just started my diving lessons. This is something that I have never thought I would be daring to do considering my fear of the open waters. I know how to swim but I also had my share of stories about people being taken by the big blue sea.

So, I mustered myself and off we went to Puerto Galera. We spent several days learning the principles and the technical skills needed to explore the underwater. (Well, the skills are basically to keep yourself safe in an unfamiliar place. )

When I finally get my chance to dive into the deep, I was amazed with the life down under. Colors are surprisingly vibrant and the fishes are all over. It was as if I was swimming inside a huge aquarium, only this time, this is real. Life is so beautiful and God has made an earth for us to enjoy.

We do still need to finish our lessons since we have to abort several dives because of the current. Anilao, here we come... =)

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