manny pacquio in congress

Last night, I just heard from the news flash that Manny Pacquiao have finally decided to run for Congress. I do not know how to react on that, but I was trouble by the fact that he had give in into the pressure that the "Trapo’s" have been giving him.

While the other week, I read in the newspaper that Cesar Montano is in fact running for Senate too. I adore Cesar’s prowess of acting and directing. I love to see him on silver screen. However, my insides cringe by the thought of seeing him debate on the Higher House’s podium. I would know this is no drama.

The Philippine Political arena has really grown to be a circus. It was been dominated by people from the entertainment industry and the like. I strongly disagree to this, although I do not discount the fact that they too can contribute a lot to address the pressing concerns of our countrymen. I disagree because I feel that most of the opportunists are taking advantage of them as their "poster boys and girls" to perpetrate their evil plans. More so, I am not confident as to their skills in handling national concerns. I do believe that in their heart of hearts that they too have the desire to serve our motherland. But sometimes, desire is not enough to get things done. Skills are also imperative.

I love our country, The Philippines and it crushes my heart to see that the choices I have for my leaders to whom I can entrust my rights to are incredible. I value democracy and good governance. It just pains me more to know that these concepts seem oblivious to most.

I do not want to lose hope.

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