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"Hi there! Classes are starting June 9.", the text message from my classmate in Legal Forms read. I just learned over lunch that school is starting this Saturday. All this time, I am actually expecting it's going to be next week. Well, guess it's a way of cutting short my anticipation for it. Hehe! I am raving about going back to school though I have a packed full-week schedule. It's gonna be tough but surely its going to be fun as well.
I can hear myself: "Another sem closer to the dream..." This statement thrills me, tell you. It's sending chills down my spine just like when I first entered law school. That statement seems like prophecy and so I want to believe. =)
During my time off, I have been of course, resting and at the same time preparing myself for the demands of law school altogether. In one of the many conversations I had with myself, I remember advising me: "Faith, focus. Just focus, that will spell the difference. Patience and perseverance are a given, but most importantly FOCUS."
For the past two months, after I left Philam and realized how it actually felt to not receive a paycheck every end of the month, I started sending out resumes to A LOT of companies and law firms with the prayer that I get employed by any of them. Some replied. Some scheduled me for interview. I thought I'd gonna be hired by a couple of them. Bottom line: None of them hired me.
I never had any problems with getting a job or bumping into opportunities. I am confident of my qualifications and skills but for one reason or another, I end up not getting the job offers. I let the blow pass perhaps because I take these as practical signs that I am made for something else. That am actually entering a season of preparation for the real thing. =) I take these turnout of events as God's answers to my long time prayer of becoming a lawyer. Guess, it's a way of telling me to focus on what is important this time.
Paulo Coelho perfectly worded it in his novel, The Alchemist: "When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it." The irony of not getting something is actually getting what you've always wanted.

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JE said...

...but confindence can also be a bad thing. Being too confident can make us complacent and not see things as they are meant to be seen. Relax, take things easy..but always be on your toes. Be prepared as much as you can. Most important, be yourself. Being you, as I know, means having fun...lots of it! Reach for your dreams! Good luck and Godspeed!