on the eve of day one

I was reading through my abandoned Friendster Blog and I a came across an entry I wrote more than a year ago. It reads:

My Friendster Horoscope for today (tonight) reads:

"The Bottom Line
It took a while, but finally all your hard work has paid off. A long calm is coming.

In Detail
It's human nature to dream, and to at least try to make those dreams come true before we're done with our time here on Planet Number Three. Your chance to turn one of your dreams into a goal and to tackle that goal with your usual meticulous attention has now officially arrived -- and if you're dealing with the department of long-distance travel, higher education or spiritual quests, you'll have all the heavenly help you could ever ask for to get the show on the road. Go for it."

If this must be true, thank God. (I don't intend to be blasphemous.) I just hope things will start working for me. As the adage says: After every rain comes a rainbow.

I just find it funny that I would like to believe that this fortune statement blah blah should be for today. Perhaps, I am just thrilled by the fact that first day of school year 07-08 starts tomorrow. Nothing really big, but it just actually feels weird actually going back to school AGAIN. ;) My summer class was a warm up, though. But the real battle commences tomorrow. I do not want to hype it, but I just want to say, I am looking forward to it. =) Go for it school girl...Hehe! Wish me luck, everyone.

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berna said...

good luck schoolgirl! =) thanks for the help talaga sa aking law subject. expect more to come.. ahahah! that is, if you're not that busy reading your readings which will be probably 10x as mine. =) good luck to us!