it's all about love

In one of Bo Sanchez's talks in The Feast, he talked about the three God-given desires: 1) the desire to live (the desire for protection, provision, survival), 2) the desire to be loved (need to be accepted, loved and that sense of belonging) and 3) the desire to love (the need for a purpose).

In illustrating the second desire further, he said that in case such desire is not fulfilled or not fully met, people tend to look for that love elsewhere. When people who are supposed to give that love are still unavailable, oftentimes, we turn to subtitutes which are not healthy for our emotional well-being. This may come in unlimited forms--drugs, smoking, liquor, sex, shopping, etc. These things serve as an anesthesia for the gaping pain inside--a form of escape. Worse, it may even lead to addiction.

Unfortunately, each of us is attached to one thing or another in order to survive the malnutrition of our hearts. We all miss the point that we are hoping on something that is but a temporary. The good news, however, is that we can get free and be really happy and whole.

It's all about love.

We bend on the fleeting things because of the scarcity of love in our lives, perhaps from our imperfect parents, our abrasive brothers and sister, our critical friends, or just whoever have came past our lives that has hurt us. To cure this, let us learn to fill our lives with healthy, good quality love. Receive the love from the people around us who truly care. Give yourself the permission to love yourself. And most of all open yourself up in the bounty of God's immense love.

I figured it out: It's really all about love.

Maybe, just maybe, when we realized this, we will all be whole and the world will be a better place to live in. =)

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