steven curtis chapman live in manila

I can't wait till it's Saturday. =) I will be seeing Steven Curtis Chapman perform live again!

For most people who doesn't know, Steven is the composer/singer of the hit "I Will Be Here". (No guys, it isn't a Gary V. song...Sorry!) He is a contemporary Christian musician and he won five Grammy's already. How is that? =)

I first time I saw him perform was last year in a concert organized by FISH Magazine (thanks to George. Hehe.) I loved him from then and of course the songs! Steven loves to tell stories behind his compositions while performing which i guess puts more meaning for the songs when heard again. My personal favorites are "King of the Jungle", "When Love Takes You In" and "I Believe in You". But my current favorite is "Fingerprints". Been listening to this for almost a month now and I am so addicted to it. Hahaha!

Can't wait... =)

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