two friends

Sometimes you'll just get to wonder why there are relationships that just can't move from one kind to another.

Sometimes, it's more than incompatibility.

And sometimes, it's not a matter of not telling the person how much you've felt or your intention of transforming it from friendship to something else.

It just feels like there something is holding you from taking that step to cross the line. Or atleast entertain the thought of crossing that line. Fear maybe--that you simply content yourselves with what is available instead of taking the risk of losing it altogether. Fear to later find out that you weren't really meant to share a love relationship and simply end up breaking the heart of a friend.

Or perhaps it's the familiarity that two good friends share throughout almost a decade of friendship and care.

We connect too much on the gut level that we both know we can't force it.

Perhaps, we're really better off like this.

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