embracing pain

Rationalizititis (I coined this term) is a psychological condition where when one is faced with a hurtful or confusing situation, such person’s impulse is to immediately find reasons why such is happening. It seems to hasten the acceptance of the unfavorable situation. However, this is mentally and emotionally unhealthy for the person infected since he is denies himself of the opportunity of getting in touch with his emotions and his true self. Often, this results to denial (which may later lead to depression and frustration), low self-esteem, unresolved issues and emotional instability.

The person diagnosed with such should learn not to shrug his or her emotions, but instead acknowledge it, feel it, before letting it go. For worse conditions, a counselor should be seen.

I was once terminal with this disease. I never knew I was sick of rationalizing all the misfortunes that happen to me. I even proud myself for having a strong sense of understanding. Yes, it is a indeed a gift to see beyond what is presented to you, but the detriment of rationalizing things was I lost touch of my inner self. I came of a point of scolding myself when I cry because I am hurt. I usually tell myself that my problem is petty and crying isn’t going to solve it at all. Although, it may be true, but neglecting my emotions became very destructive for my well being.

Good for me that I heeded the symptoms of my sickness. I prescribed a good dose of self-love for me everyday in order to heal from my infirmity. Now, I am going through another bout of pain, I am exercising therapy by feeling every inch of it. Although, my rationalizititis starts kicking in, telling me that there are bigger concerns to cry over, I shut it out and continue on embracing my pain.

I am starting to get better now that I have owned my feelings. At least, it isn’t nagging me all the time, because I have given enough attention to it. Just like any physical wound, once it was given proper medication immediately, the faster it will heal.

I am getting better…

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Anonymous said...

every time I say I love you to God I pretend I say it to myself too, and every time I say the word love and if there is doubt I pray and think Would God approve and I fear love very little now

I thank God for my pain too, all are gifts from God so there must be a good reason even if I can't see it

with peace and love paul